About Us

Te Awamutu Funeral Services we take care of you

If you have a loved one that has passed away, you want a service that takes care of all aspects of the funeral. Te Awamutu Funeral Services is the only place you need to call. Our caring team understands what you are going through and would like you to know that you can count on us for all the support you need.

If you want your funeral service in a church, local club, at home, or a graveside service, be sure that our caring team will accommodate all your requirements.

For caring funeral services in Te Awamutu, contact us today.

Serving Our Community

Te Awamutu Funeral Services has been serving Te Awamutu and surrounding districts since 1997 it was formerly known as Clarks Funeral Services and prior to this Clark and McMillian which was established in 1938.

Garth and Lynette Williams purchased Te Awamutu Funeral Services in 2008. Garth is a third generation funeral director and monumental mason following in the footsteps of his Grandfather Vic Williams and his dad Bruce Williams, he has grown up in the Funeral Industry. With this experience comes a level of understanding and compassion that helps him and his staff to provide the best service possible.

This helps to ensure that we know exactly how to treat people and how to handle all aspects of funeral arrangements and memorial services.

Alexandra House

Our funeral home is a beautiful refurbished classic villa with everything under the one roof.
Alexandra House Chapel has seating for 170 people and has an adjacent reception lounge which opens on to lovely grounds and on the other side has a private courtyard, this gives our families and their friends the benefit of attending the funeral service and enjoying refreshments in one place with a homely atmosphere.
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