Pre-arranged Funerals

An increasing trend in funerals these days is in pre-arranged funerals. Our funeral directors at Te Awamutu Funeral Services can help pre-arrange a funeral for you or your loved one helping relieve stress for your family. There are several reasons why this might be a good idea; speak to us in Te Awamutu about how we can help you.

Your Funeral Wishes

Having funeral arrangements carried out well in advance can help ensure that your wishes will be carried out as intended. It also helps spare your family the added stress of organising everything and also having to cope with their grief.

Speak with our funeral directors in Te Awamutu to find out more.

For more information

We at Te Awamutu Funeral Services want you to have peace of mind, so if you are considering either pre-arranging or pre-paying your funeral and you would like to know more, or would like one of our pre-arrangement booklets to fill out, please phone us or call in to see one of our friendly funeral directors today.

Pre- Paid Funerals

At Te Awamutu Funeral Services we offer a Pre- Paid funeral plan where people can invest close to the relative cost of a funeral or you may choose to invest the maximum amount of $10,000.00 and this is currently excluded from asset testing for the Residential Care Subsidy. When having prepaid your funeral costs this can make arrangements a lot easier for your family in terms of funeral planning, knowing what your wishes may be, and knowing the financial burden has been addressed.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is interest bearing and has no set up costs or running costs and you will receive regular statements.
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